PSA: A bunch of people got Blood Moon Capsules for free. They are going unpunished.

[Riot stated as much in this post](, but not everyone visits the dev corner so thought I'd put it somewhere a bit more visible. According to Riot, "A few thousand players across all regions" were able to take advantage of an error where blood moon capsules were available for _1 BE each_ These players are not going to be punished "because it's a lot harder to track what players have done with the capsules after they open them. You can disenchant skin shards into orange essence, or reroll them using other skin shards you already owned (including ones you earned legitimately). Instead of reverting a single item, we'd have to revert potentially thousands of transactions made in the loot system. This would take us months to undo, as it’s a very manual and delicate process to ensure we don’t wipe out legitimate transactions accidentally. Additionally, it could revert perfectly normal actions, like LP gains, Mastery tokens, and more." So the short version is: Anyone who took advantage of this gets a _lot_ of content for free (guestimates are suggesting most abusers got around 20 capsules, with potential for _over 100 from people who were efficient and noticed early_). They are going unpunished, and no compensations are being handed out. Honestly? I changed my mind despite an earlier post I made on that one. I don't want compensation, I'd just like to see _some_ form of punishment hit those abusers. Doing nothing and letting them get off scot-free is setting a precedent that it's OK to abuse these kinds of errors, when we all know that simply isn't right. Reverting capsules is hard. I doubt finding and banning or at least even _warning_ the abusers is nearly as hard. To put it into an analogy: When someone robs your bank (Abuse the system, free capsules) One option is to set up better security cameras (taking steps to prevent another error like this) But that doesn't mean you let the robber go, you send the cops after him and set an example (Punish the abusers) Letting the robber go with no effort to hunt him down doesn't exactly make your customers faithful that their money is in good hands, and they'll split or even try to rob the place themselves ("These abusers went unpunished. Why should I spend money when these people now have even more than I do basically free? I should just wait for something like this to happen again, and then take advantage myself!")
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