Opinion: Sona has been nerfed too much in ARAM

Before ARAM balance was a thing, sona was a beast in ARAM. Now, I feel like they made it so she's useless outside of her ult. So, I'm going to highlight the two nerfs to her in ARAM that I think were taken too far. -The damage she takes. Sona takes 115% damage. While I do agree she does need to be a bit more squishy. I feel like when you consider that she is an enchanter, a class who's greatest weakness is being squishy, gets damage taken turned up by 15%, it becomes overkill. I feel like this should be changed to 110% damage or 105% damage. -Her healing. Healing has already been understandably gutted in ARAM. But she heals for 82% of what she usually does. And her healing is very minimal even in SR if she doesn't have {{item:3174}}. You never buy this in ARAM because it is not worth it considering how much healing is already nerfed. I feel like 82% of her normal healing is a bit too much of a reduction considering how weak her ARAM healing is already. So, I feel like this should be changed to 90%. Her healing would still be reduced but not by such a large number. I think the damage and shield nerfs are necessary in the fullest. Shielding is not naturally nerfed in ARAM and Sona can shield her entire team with her w. And her damage nerf makes it so her q+passive is no longer a one shot.
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