What champion made you start hating playing the game?

Honestly curious, most of us have that one champion that since release, rework, or shortly after you just couldn't stand them whether they were on your team or on the enemy team. Me personally it's these two fucks right here. {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} Every Vayne on my team feeds then AFK farms. When she's on the enemy team she's trash but my team can't NOT stand by a wall and let her get free condems. Yasuo honestly needs to be deleted from the game. Fuck this champion in every sense. It is not way fair that a Yasuo can feed 16 kills but it doesn't matter because if they get off one good ult then they start talking shit in all chat calling people trash and telling people to 1v1 them. Like bro shut your getting carried by Janna, Nami, Vi, and Mord ass tf up. U trash asf dawg. Can't land a Q to save your life but gets double crit for farting into the wind head ass.
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