Lux: Issue #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww, poor Lux is so damn To be honest I like the conflicted feelings and good noble woman vs. brooding supposed-to-be-bad man who winds up being conflicted dynamic that would exist between the two of them if Lux fell for Sylas vs. Jarvan over a period of time. However I know that's not what's going to happen, I know when he breaks out and uses her power to wreak havoc - she'll never forgive herself, or him. I'm just saying, I wish it didn't have to go down like that....I wish Sylas was more of a sympathetic villain that Lux would still sympathize with after he breaks out using her power.......leaving the door open to a canon relationship between the two - you know, like League's own West Side Story! xD _(JOKING!!)_ But yeah, the havoc Sylas creates using her power will be of his choice - not some accident, and he has no REAL feelings for her - she was just a means to an end. So yeah....out the window goes my hopes and dreams for these two characters! hahaha I'm really enjoying this comic series though! League's lore is great and would be done so much justice in a TV show, Netflix series, MMO, or a PVE-MMO Hybrid type game. Really can't wait for the next issue! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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