Automated PERMABAN off of 1 single game in 2 weeks (READ THE LOG!)

I was banned for 2 weeks off of a SINGLE report with a chat log just as mild. First game in a month, instant automated ban before I could report any of the flamers. I then play a single game back and this is the chat I was permanently banned for as my team all flamed me, afk'd, and surrender spammed. Riot finally replied and said this is the chat I was permanently banned for using an automated keyword system from a single report: Reya8888: wtf are you engaging for aatrox Reya8888: and then ryze went in even with aatrox dead Reya8888: like wtf Reya8888: free drag again cuz ryze feeds as it spawns, AGAIN Reya8888: ryze died as it spawned again Reya8888: hopw are u running there? Reya8888: again blaming me for your horrid engage Reya8888: stop crying and play Reya8888: right as drag spawns. AGAIN. Reya8888: why did u feed in river? Reya8888: hate negative attitude surrender spammers Reya8888: cry cry cry Reya8888: soraka afk's senna ran at full Reya8888: soraka afk'd because we wouldn't surrender, gg This is all in response to teamates flaming eachother, afk'ing, and surrender spamming. My chat was legit the most mild of the 5 players and I received an INSTANT permanent ban. I was only calling Ryze out because my team was flaming me for not getting dragon but Ryze was dead legit every time it spawned.
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