"If it's not part of her identiy, she should not be sexualised."

I am SO sick of this logic. I love my {{champion:103}} but I am getting about fed up with this nonsense about other champions being too sexual if it's not a core part of their identity. Do these champions {{champion:55}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:40}} all have the Kiss Of Death in their kit? No? Ok. Does that mean that they should being wearing a fucking hijab? I am sick of the hyprocrisy when Riven, Irelia and Sona all have skins that show the most thicc asses of all the champions in the game and yet their theme has absolutely nothing to do with being a succubus. Here comes {{champion:145}} and now all of the sudden we are back to SJW status again. GOD FORBID Samus Arans long lost sister exposes a V neck, the sky will start falling. All because of a V neck. No, I don't want to hear because she is boring, generic and unimaginative design. That's got NOTHING to do with SJW's being triggered over a stupid V neck. It's time to stop.
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