Valor removal / Fiora changes

So, I assume I'm alone in saying this, but the fact that Valor was removed from being a playable character as part of Quinn's kit is something I'll always regret. I know this is league and things change, but I haven't had any desire to play Quinn ever since they removed Valor on Quinn's ultimate. The whole point of Quinn's lore was a tag team duo. About all that's left of Valor the Demacian Eagle is the passive marking enemies and giving Quinn an Uber ride. I enjoyed playing both characters. I just don't enjoy Quinn since Valor was removed as a playable part of her kit. The most fun for me was quinn's E and Valors E. I enjoyed Valor's wing animations when Valor would auto attack an enemy, and the speed was really fun. The wing attacks looked so bad ass. Then Quinn would reappear and the arrow hail would come down executing people. It felt really good playing as the Bird in teamfights. All we have now are Azir and Anivia, and Anivia is nothing like a melee bird that fights people and does cool stuff. The only other thing I miss was Fiora's ultimate. Fiora's old ultimate felt like some kind of final-fantasy alpha strike, like if Yi's alpha strike were brought up to an ultimate level of power. It was so great ravenous hydra-ing healing because you times your ult right, and was hilarious when enemy walked into brush you had no vision of cancelling your ultimate. Old fiora, true fiora, never would have had highlights in her hair - that was the thing that pissed me off more than changing old Fiora's ultimate into a true damage team healer. Well, I guess you could say Fiora is in a better spot, but those highlights in her hair still make me angry because true Fiora never has highlights. It's dumb. Not asking to change Fiora because she's in a good spot now, but wishing Valor would be playable again. That was the primary reason I bought Quinn so long ago, I liked becoming that bird and fighting people before (sadly) having to return to Quinn form again. If we could get Valor as a playable champion, I'd buy him. Those animations are smooth and his whole kit was a blast to play.
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