How would Yuumi in One for All work???

Would you be able to have a chain or Yuumis (Yuumi A on Yuumi B then Yuumi B hops on Yuumi C = Yuumi A wayy in the back on Yuumi B then with Yuumi C in charge of walking/pathing) {{champion:350}} ^ {{champion:350}} ^ {{champion:350}} OR would you have multiple Yuumis on the same Yuumi (Yuumi C has both Yuumi A and B following) like a hoard of cats following you {{champion:350}} ^( {{champion:350}} +{{champion:350}} ) OR BOTH depending on how you attach yourselves??? ALSO would the chain of Yuumis allow for exponential more shared adaptive force? while multiple Yuumis would allow for a multiplicative property? Also detaching may be an issue in the chain... I wonder what Rito will do...
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