Can we just talk about brand?

I've seen a bunch of brands and they seem unbeatable. Stuns, insanely high AOE damage, and 2 moves you don't even need to aim with to hit on top of that. I played as brand thinking I'd be able to find an actual weakness to him but no, the only weakness is that he has no escapes but he doesn't need escapes when he's mowing down your team. Fighting him alone isn't wise because he'll just stun you then either kill you or run away. Being grouped to fight him isn't wise because his ult can potentially one shot, the only other weakness is his weak early game but once he hits level 3 he's already really strong and able to do half of your health with one combo. Honestly I think despite all of this he doesn't need a nerf on anything except his R, his R is absolute madness. I remember playing a game with brand where I literally missed all my skill shots, but then landed my E and R and boom, a triple kill. His kit just kinda looks objectively broken yet he hasn't been nerfed at all recently.
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