i was just playing my last ranked game for the night and im ALREADY sitting at 0 lp as it is, so i queue and play one more hoping for a win to end the night with. and during laning phase the entire game just froze and forced me to restart my computer to get it to unfreeze. i am able to get back into the game and play within about 5 minutes. we finish off the game and end up winning and i get 0 FUCKING LP and no its not because i left because if i got counted as a leaver for the full game it wouldve said LEAVER at the top and i would've LOST LP but no it says VICTORY plain and day and im still sitting at 0 lp and it says +0 lp what the actual FUCK riot games? yall really really really must not want me to climb huh? what the fuck is this shit honestly ??? edit: tried to play one last game to get the lp i was cheated out of back. lost. and got demoted. honestly fuck you riot. and your broken shit game.
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