Pleasse Riot for the love of god and all that holy do those Ranked changes

Seriously wtf. Why is it people have to suffer and lose lp because someone else doesn't know wtf their role does. Fuck! I'm so tired of seeing people get autofilled to support and then trolling or not knowing wtf they are doing. I mean come on can't you people at least learn a couple of champions for each role so if this shit happens you can at least play decently in the role you are assigned. Or hell ask if you don't! I play Fill in at least 80% of my games and while I don't like ADC I can still at least play a few like Varus and Jhin. Shit it's so exhausting to see people refuse to learn because nothing bad happens to them. Damn it I'm not saying I'm the best at everything but I at least learned a few champs for each role so I can help my team in whatever way needed but then I get someone who doesn't know squat about a role or champion, they completely shit the bed, and then everyone on my team gets the loss because someone refused to learn something new. Seriously what happened to the days when people knew they had to at least know a few champions for each roles and I know this was a thing because I was there and I didn't want to be useless and drag my team down so I learned what all the champs did and I learned how to play all the roles decently so I wouldn't shit the bed. I'm not saying I'm the best or that people need to play like Faker,Tarzan, Uzi, or anyone at high elo when I get into a game but at least know enough about the game to not completely drag everyone down. You don't have to be the best just don't completely shit the bed. You die once or twice in lane it's not the end of the world just play safe and the other lanes should be fine in the long run just stay calm and do what you can to not die again. This is why I get so mad and cuss at people along with others is they feel hurt that they put time and effort into something just to have it ruined by someone else. It hurts when you put time and effort into something only for someone who's supposed to be on your side doesn't care and is apathetic towards it. I'm fine with newer players and people who are learning hell I'm trying to help some people who are newer and wanna learn. Just so much apathy it makes me sad, angry, and exhausted. I love this game, I've played it for years, my best friend and me bonded over it, I didn't wanna drag him down when we played together so I learned this game, I studied it so he would want to play with me but then I see people who refuse to learn and keep messing up again and again in the same ways which snaps something in my heart. How they can be so apathetic and not care if they win or how it affects the others they are playing with. I cuss and scream at people because I care, I wanna win, I came to win, and I want them to win. I've told people on my team I need them sometimes because I know the game as of now doesn't revolve around me. I hate it when people blow me off when I care to tell them how they did something wrong or give them advice to improve. I'm getting tired from this rant and I know people are gonna down vote but please at least learn the game enough to not drag your team, no one is asking you to do everything right, but everyone wants you to at least do decent and not completely mess everything up. Please accept the reality of autofill and learn at least a few champs for each role, listen to advice and learn from your mistakes like not fighting without someone or being careful when your lane is shoved up or to ward whenever you get the chance just basic common sense things that can help you. I'm actually on the verge of tears while writing this because I'm pouring out my heart here. Please learn so you don't hurt your team mates or the game.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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