Can't remake if there is a first blood in a 4v5 (from the start of the game)?

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I played this game today. My support was afk from the start. I ended up sending a ticket and tweeting to Riot Games Support. I thought the game couldn't be remade because Leona received a biscuit from Biscuit Delivery at 3:00. MAJESTICSPAGHETT responded with my ticket asking me if I could fill in a bug report ( and so I did) Riot Games Support told me the game was ineligible for a remake because of a first blood. In a conversation with Diana from Riot Games Support she states that that was one of the many reasons the game was ineligible for a remake. ''A PvP kill happened before 3:00''. Riot Games Support tweets: Now I am quite confused as to why this happened. Here you will see that you are unable to remake if someone died before 3:00. What I don't get is: **Why does this also happen if the player was already dc, so players ended up dying because of the 4v5?** If you want me to, I would not mind explaining why the first blood happened because of the 4v5 or why further actions in this game caused deaths, once again, because of it being a 4v5. This was a game in Diamond 3. Thanks in advance, Aeduan
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