What's broken in league is what's broken with gamers in 2018

Yes, I get the state of the game is pretty painful this season, and I've echoed those sentiments a thousand times before, but that isn't why the game is fundamentally unfun for most of you. **Gamers don't play games to enjoy them like they used to.** In season 2, you would queue up with a non meta champ, take him in a strange position, and try an off build, and everyone would still have a good time. You would banter with the enemy and your team and it would be the funnest part of the game. When a game went badly, you might all troll together just to have a laugh about it. Now, if I dare even hover a non top tier champ, I'm instantly flamed and reported. If I banter with my enemy or my team, I'm chat banned instantly. Nobody jokes, or laughs, or seems to enjoy anything that's going on. Streamers aren't laughing about the game, they're raging about it. Even my friends end up just yelling at one another every game. If you're so on edge and stressed every game that someone typing "ggez" makes you lose your mind so much that you need to make a post about it and demand they are banned, how can you even pretend you're having fun? **It's not that the game isn't fun anymore, it's that gamers don't have fun anymore** Most popular games are multiplayer online games, and gamers get so incredibly worked up over them that they can't manage to enjoy anything about them. I mean, a Madden tournament was shot up just recently. You can't blame the devs for that one. At the end of the day, even in the midst of bugs, imbalance, and unfair mechanics, players used to have fun in games. They used to play, not just to achieve something, but to enjoy themselves. Gamers have given up on fun and demanded Riot fix all the things they think are stopping them from having fun (meta problems, toxicity, too much damage, etc.) when in reality, they wouldn't have any fun even if they fixed all that (which I agree they really should). **All things aside, if gamers don't start enjoying gaming for what it is again, nothing about this game (or any other) will ever be fun for anyone again.**
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