Do you still enjoy this game?

Before I begin, I want to say that I am not here to try to change your mind or make you stop playing the game. I think if you enjoy the game, you should play it, simple as that. Anyway, I haven't played league for about two weeks now. That's the longest I've gone from playing the game without anything stopping me like having no internet or being away from home. I do get withdrawls sometimes of wanting to jump into a league game and test out something like an ezreal build and hitting really hard with just one q, practicing my zed in pvp and landing double shurikens, going full crit on graves and getting the 8 buckshots animation instead of the usual 4, or just q farming as nasus and destroying my laner eventually. But one thing that always makes me strongly not want to play is that I know it only takes 1 person to ruin the experience for the rest of the 9 players. Again, I'm not really here to rant but just wanted to point that out because it is a big reason I personally don't play the game anymore and have not done so for 2 weeks. To me, I actually feel less stressed out from having to deal with other players trolling, griefing, rage quiting in league that my life outside of league is not bogged down from rage and frustration from league. I look back to a comment given from a board user to commented on one of my old posts, he said the reason this game is so toxic and having so many people that I encounter aka trolls, griefers, rage quiters is because the game is free and easily accessible. I agree with this. The fact that the game is free to play and that the punishment systems are very lenient when it comes to gameplay behavior, it unintentionally births these sort of players. And yes, I am well aware the system is very strict on punishment when it comes to verbal chat. There is one game in particular that I see a streamer plays where it is not free to play with more strict rules that discourages trolls, rage quitters, griefers, the streamer loves the game and says he doesnt have to worry as much about stuff that happens in league or other free multiplayer games because if someone does actually troll they get banned. It's meant to promote competitive play and discourage trolls and griefers. Now, Im sure league is definitely more popular than that game and not saying what league is doing is wrong, but I personally think I would prefer games with more strict punishment like that personally. That game has very little trolls or griefers because you can't just make new account like you do in league since you have to pay money for new accounts, so a person is less likely to want to smurf or troll and get their account banned. Again, I'm not here to say league's system of punishments or accessibility is bad, and I think the game can and is enjoyed by many people. But it's just not a game for me. I've been away from league playing games like code vein, mhw iceborne, iracing, black desert and many more coming up and I've been feeling so much better outside of gaming being less angry because some idiot or troll wanted to ruin my game. So what I want to ask you is do you enjoy this game still? If you do, please share what you enjoy about the game when you play and if you don't enjoy then share your reasons as well. Overall, if playing league makes you happy then continue to do so, I'm not here to change your mind or make you quit this game.
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