Hell YEAH! I just got me a chest, it has been so long. I'm excited to see what I get!

*Opens chest with the infinite amount of keys I have* *Congratulations Summoner! You have received a Jayce champion shard, a champion you already own! Hey! You actually already own every champion. Congratulations Summoner!* I don't mean to be a tad ungrateful, but what is the point of the chest system existing as an incentive for good behavior (earning keys through good behavior) when your reward is something you already have? Can't we just have stuff like that removed, so it doesn't give me random stuff I already own? And do not tell me "well HateDaddy, it is because it would be difficult.." No the fuck it would not. It is 2019, there is a solution for everything. Figure it out Small Indie Company.
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