A suggestion on how ranked should work. Since there is A MUCH NEEDED UPDATE in LOL ELO HELL

A suggestion on how ranked should work. Since there is A MUCH NEEDED UPDATE in the game League of Legends. Best Discussion Post ELO HELL fix. By imortalone, Originally Created February 1st, 2019 - Repost. This is a suggestion of how ‘ranked’ should work.... Via an equalized point to point style bracket system. First to define the word ‘reset’ is to start over. Example everyone's put in the same starting point. Playing a game from start to finish is a reset. If someone automatically starts at the final boss when resetting or starting a game over, that isn’t a reset. The final reward for league of legends is getting ranked in colors like Platinum and Challenger. If people are already placed in those positions when the game ‘starts over’ or ‘resets’ then those digital trophies aren’t re-earned by those people. Perhaps they earned those colors last season or perhaps they got those colors/reward for just being lucky.. If a season starts over top scores aren’t supposed to remain the same top scores. Example of a correct reset in League of Legends; everyone is placed into the color of, iron = 0LP at all 5 positions... That's the idea of rise, awaken, climb up right???. Starting over is what reset should be about, there was a recent reset that wasn't really a reset. People just stayed the same rank... I’m sure there's plenty of middle ranked players that have been labeled as ‘gold’ who can beat ‘platinum’ players... And if a platinum player is really a platinum player then that platinum player will be able rise up again in a new season to once again be a platinum player.. That’s the idea of a new season.... It isn't a new season when everything is still the same... There are also many other issues with the ranking system besides just a false reset. To help explain these ideas of how rank should work or at least a way to improve the rank system... I'm mainly going to focus on the idea of someone only playing ADC in the Bottom position: that ADC in the Bottom Lane position should-earn LP-Points for doing so. Doesn't really mater what champion they pick for the position... Because in a way that's part of what makes the game sort of fun.. A wise counter pick can easily dominate a lane position. If someone picks a certain lane position, they should-only earn LP-Points for playing that lane.. Earning points for a lane that you didn’t play/pick isn’t correct, as is the current league of legends system.. Its typically inevitable that everyone will eventually group somewhere on the map.. Trying to calculate every little click is a waste of time and that isn’t what is being done right now anyways... LP-Point distribution should-be simple while having some predictability. The current LP Point distribution isn’t fair, logical, predictable, or even correct regarding the distribution of points. LP-Points are used to determine what color rank you are. A balanced LP-Point distribution Example of a regular rank game would be::: 1 win in ADC bottom can be like 10-LP and a loss can be -5-LP.… A similar point distribution could be applied to other lanes, for those who are playing those lanes. Someone going in the bottom lane to the left side of the map perhaps playing ADC is someone who shouldn’t get credit for playing the Jungle position when they are indeed playing the bottom lane… This results in visually traceable win to point correlation, and increases predictability regarding the reflecting of someones actual skill. By climbing your way though an equalized bracket system. To begin, the person who selected Bottom Lane gets 1 win (perhaps their name is dietfano)... And those other people who also won on that persons team (Dietfano’s team), only get LP for the position that they played... The other 4 people on the team don't get credit for selecting bottom lane, because that position was already being played by (Dietfano)... The winning team in this example, only get credit for playing the position that they selected such as Jungle... The amount of LP the Jungler winner in this example gets is 10 lP... If the rank system just restarted and lets say this was the very first game played, and only 1 match has been played, the max amount of available LP is 10.. Thus the ADC only has 10 LP for playing Bottom Lane; with 0 LP for playing the Jungle Position, because someone else picked that position.. The topic of remake games is another issue an example to resolve the remake/AFK example is: If someone wins a remake game they get a small fixed amount of lp like 5 points, only for the position that they selected... While the losers of a ranked remake game loose -5 LP for the position that they selected... Because a loss is a loss... Someone can go AFK at any-point, its unfair when people get excused for an AFK at the start of a game but don’t get excused when an AFK situation happens in the middle or end of a game... Remakes are being used to avoid playing a match... Perhaps someone realizes they are countered hard and decide not to play the match.. Although there are characters that often go without having anyone to counter them, being OP. Then people looking to rank up will play that OP character constantly until they rank up, that doesn’t really show skill and just takes advantage of a characters that don’t have a counter. Some of these OP character issues have been fixed regarding characters with equal ability/skill level scaling. If someone dodges before the game starts they lose 0 LP… Then people are put into another situation to pick a position… Reason for dodging can be because someone doesn't want to play with the random team they were assigned... If that person dodges too late then guess what that dodger loses -5lp when their team gets defeated or remakes a match because there is an unfair match advantage for the other team. If that dodger's team somehow wins a 4v5 the dodger doesn't get any LP for their teams win because that dodger wasn’t even there… These type of dodges and afks are in many cases at least part of the reason why lucky people get promoted to positions like gold and platinum.. When an unlucky person might get counter picked more often.. A reset resets their luck for another season.. If those labeled as ‘skilled’ via color are in-fact skilled then they should technically rise again.. Long ago the game-lol tried to make experience gain easier when someone was afk, that is still in place today, although people rather just reset to avoid the issue... There are also bounties now so if someone is really skilled then they can still win... If someone goes afk in the middle of a game such as in 15 minutes in you still have to play a 4v5.... The option of remake isn't available… That is a good reason why points should-still be deducted for early remakes in rank games. Now to continue with the example scenario from about 3 paragraphs ago to continue to explain a fair rank system… Those random winners of the last game play again, this time perhaps against the winners of a different game.. So people with 1 win vs other people with 1 win.... The winners of this second game all get another 10 lp for the position that they played, while those who lost loose lets say 5lp for the position that they played.... The math on that is the 2 time winner ADC (dietfano) playing Bottom Lane now has 20 LP when the loser ADC bottom lane is at a positive 5LP because they lost -5LP (lets call this 1 win 1 loss bottom ADC guy incandlek).... So another 2 games goes on.. Loser ADC Bottom from that last game wins this time and that previous loser ADC's LP is at 15LP (incandlek) because lets say he/she won their following match as well.... The ADC (dietfano) Who won last time now has 30 LP because they also won again.... So again (dietfano) only has 30LP for the bottom lane adc position, (dietfano) doesn’t have any points for playing different positions in this example… Lets say 100 more games gets played and (dietfan) played 70 of those games in the position of ADC Bottom Lane and won them all... (Dietfan's) LP for the position of ADC Bottom would be 700LP. Lets say during this time (incandlek) the person who had 15LP in the position of ADC Bottom... Only played 20 more games in the position of ADC Bottom and (user incandlek) only won half of those matches playing the position of ADC Bottom amounting to an LP score of around 65LP only for the position of ADC Bottom..... The difference between 700LP Bottom Lane ADC (Dietfan) and 65LP Bottom Lane ADC (incandlek) is a large difference and the result is that these two adcs might not play against each-other again for awhile... Lets say at this point (dietfano) try’s to search for another game looking to play the position of ADC Bottom Lane... If The game system is slightly fair, the game should try to match up 70 time winner ADC Bottom Lane (Dietfano) with another ADC Bottom lane player who has a similar LP Score in the position of ADC Bottom... Someone who has at least won close to 70 games in the position of ADC Bottom... Lets say Undefeated ADC Bottom Lane (dietfan) gets matched up against another ADC Bottom lane player who has lost 2 games already with a bottom LP score of about 690LP (lets say this 2 time loser with 68 wins in the position of ADC Bottom with a score of 690LP in the position of ADC is named Maxloven). Perhaps (dietfano) the undefeated ADC Bottom Lane Player who used to have 700LP loses their first match in 71 games (Dietfan Defeated by Maxloven).... The math on this would be (dietfano) undefeated ADC Bottom Lane now having 695LP for the position of ADC Bottom Lane... When The 2 time loser now has 69 wins in the position of ADC Bottom with an LP of 700LP (User Name MaxLoven). Perhaps that battle between the great ADC Bottom Players resulted in (Dietfan) losing:::: was a battle that wasn't exactly because of the lack of skill of (Dietfano).. This can perhaps be explained because in this match between these great adc bottom players (Maxloven and Dietfano) both of had junglers on their team with only 5 lp each... Reason this might work much better then the current system is because the jungler players get matched up with other jungler players around the same LP... Example Noob Jungler player (username iiiillllkkkkk) with 5lp vs another noob jungler player (username frankyL) with 5lp played the match with (Maxloven and Dietfano)... Perhaps noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) forgot to jungle and just messed up his team mate (dietfan's bottom lane) the entire time... When ADC Bottom (dietfano) lost this match noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) also lost the match.. Resulting in noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) losing another 5lp, resulting in noob jungler (iiiillllkkkkk) having 0lp after this match.... And (frankyL) rising in their jungler rank to 15lp. For perspective The chance of noob jungler (frankyL) playing against noob jungler (IIIIlllkkkkk) starts to decrease when noob jungler (frankyL) continues to win and noob jungler (llllllkkkkk) continues to lose...Technically the chance of these pro adc's (Dietfano and Maxloven) in bottom lane getting matched up against eachother again remains quite constant for a much longer time, since their LP remains to be very similar being in the example 650-850 LP rank in bottom Lane.. A high ranked Bottom Lane ADC around this example LP area (Dietfano) would have to lose around 50 games in a row to play against an ADC bottom lane with an LP score in the 40-50lp bottom adc range... Anyways Previously undefeated ADC Bottom Lane (Dietfano) with 695LP is annoyed by the loss and obviously tries to search for another match... While, Perhaps one day noob jungler (frankyL) climbs up gaining lots of lp to eventually to fight against one of the top pro junglers with hundreds of LP points... The result is interesting games while giving riot the opportunity to select the best players and put them on teams with eachother... etc.... Solo matching.... Jungler vs Jungler... Bottom ADC vs Bottom ADC... 1 person can certainly win a team game. This player to player matching is what solo should-be about, although it isn’t how it is right now 2019.. This idea, fixes the current broken rank system since its on a player to player basis; instead of just on some random distribution of unfair points where the same people just keep fighting the same exact people. Where skilled players just get ignored by a broken system. If one guy has lp of 5000 perhaps his team's total lp is only at 10,000.. So perhaps that guy with 5000lp could be matched with 2 people around 2500 lp and a combating team total around 10,000LP. Might also speed up search times.. If a noob or troll who always goes afk perhaps his/her internet /computer is less then great. That labeled noob can get matched up with a comparable person with a similar LP.... Perhaps there will be matches where a total teams lp is only 300 vs another team around 300lp... Although I think rank solo queue should try to focus more on individuals and not so much on total team composition lp because someone who doesn't play all day, might beat someone who does play all day... Perhaps that might be the only time to maybe give some bonus LP (like a mild bonus 5-10points only) when someone with example 300LP wins a lane and the game against a dude with 5000LP. Although typically a dude who plays all day long every day with lets say 5000LP should typically be matched with someone who plays that same lane with a similar LP... Perhaps you could also maybe get a bonus 5LP points if you scored a Penta Kill-defeating all your enemies. So for those who are really skilled, if they continued to defeat all their enemies constantly they could rank up faster then someone who can only win their selected lane. I think giving out bonus LP Ranking Points should-be a sort of rare event. Bonus LP points for Penta Kills might encourage more Penta Kills to occur as well. The game has another type of reward that is given out easier, called Blue Essence. If someone is lets say placing a bunch of wards, getting A and S grades on their characters, perhaps being ‘positive’, or doing quests: blue essence is a good reward. I think there should be some careful thought on giving random LP ranking points as a ‘good reward or take away’ for lanes you didn’t select, for skilled/non-skilled players as what is going on now. Ultimately the current IP rewarding ranking system is completely random and inconsistent.. There isn't any structure. You play a position you pick before the match starts when the match ends you get/lose credit for playing positions that you didn't play... Trying to see who the best bottom adc or who the best jungle is isn't possible with the current LP system. The MMR doesn't work at all and it just creates a bias.. A bias that can be manipulated by people wanting to go afk or even the game system taking bribes to rank people at a better position.. No offense riot games… There have been a lot of changes to the game, changes that some so called top rank players platinum etc, probably don’t even know about.. That is another good reason why a correct reset is logical, after so much time goes by with many new updates… To get just a little off topic to explain a basic game change that relating to the required smite+jungle item. A few years ago when you lets say got the red monster buff you lvled up regardless if you had smite... Yet now without the smite+jungle item you don't level up anymore… Years ago someone could jungle without smite and if anything it was considered that jungler being skilled.. Today the smite+jungle item doesn’t give the jungler extra experience either. The Smite+Jungle item only gives the basic necessary level… Today if you jungle without smite you are outleved sometimes drastically compared to a laner..… That used to not be the case… Also if a laner goes into the jungle to get some gold buffs or experience the chance for them to level up is now less then what it used to be. Sharing a buff with your laners often just hurts the junglers experience/level gain more then it helps out your laner/ally… The broken rank point system right now example: an adc bottom lets say ashe #1 gets 5 kills 2 deaths and wins a game that ashe might get 11 lp thats distributed randomly to areas like top lane even if ashe#1 never even went to the top lane..... A different ashe#2 gets the same score 5 kills 2 deaths and wins a game that ashe might get 20LP... Perhaps these two ashes even played against the same guy who fed... That rank rating/ LP distribution isn't fair.. If lP was fair the chance of those two ashes vsing eachother should be a higher percentage because LP needs to be stabilized normally instead of on a random bias. Otherwise there isn’t any logical way to determine which of those 2 ashes are better #1 or #2.. PS this isn't about me saying im the best cause ive met/seen some skilled players... I typically just play fill positions and get annoyed at super noob and AFK stuff... I quit this game before for a few years, for many reasons besides just bad game mechanics that don’t quite make since. Started again because I’ve had the time and this essay is the result. Currently, for most people when you lose a match its anywhere between 20-30 LP.. When you win a match you typically only get like 6-15 LP.. This is the win 3 matches to equal out 1 loss Bias against you... When other people might get 30-75LP for a single win and literally lose 0-6 LP for a loss, there isn’t any logic behind that bonus point scoring. There isn’t any consistency.. People rank up without reason.. Definition of a bias. When you play a position you get credit for playing positions that you didn't play... To Conclude go ADC bottom lane, and you get random credit and deductions for playing jungle and top.... What??? Total fail if someone is only playing ADC bottom... Current rank system doesn’t display the players lane skills. Nor how well they are really doing, because ranking point distribution is on a bias MMR system; so people don’t have to play the game to be a top rank.. Thus that diamond guy/girl should be paired up with another diamond guy/girl in matches so they can fight it out in the same lane, once they reach that level…. it isn't a reset if the same guys been diamond forever without even playing games to remain there. If that diamond guy is really one of the best players then that diamond guy will be able to keep noobs demoted on an equal rising lp point basis for the specified lanes that they picked. I’d also personally like to see even further upgrades of item options. Because as a player you reach a point in the regular game matches where additional minion and even player defeating doesn't do anything for your character. Like you reach a point eventually where all additional kills of players and minion cs does nothing for you. Your 6 items all get maxed at some point.
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