100 prestige points. Only way to get those are to buy lootboxes??

I'm looking in the shop where I can buy prestige points because of the new Fizz skin coming out and all. I noticed the only way to get 100 prestige points is to buy the 10x boxes to get 13 prestige points. So I'd need to buy 8 2200 RP bundles to get 1 skin. So that skin would cost 150+ dollars. 150. plus. dollars. for a skin. What the fuck? Can anyone on the Riot team explain to me what the fuck is going on with skins pricing? Where does riot think we all work? NASA? I got excited to see my favorite champion getting some love with an awesome skin and a prestige edition to match, but now it's left a sour taste in my mouth. Why am I, the average player/customer, expected to pay 2 weeks worth of my food, for 1 skin? Maybe all of you work for $50-$150 an hour, but I sure as hell don't, which leaves me fuckin confused as hell about this. To reiterate, if I get this correct, the only way to get this skin is to spend $150+ on loot boxes, in order to get the addon of prestige points. Is there no other way of getting this skin? Here's the PBE post with all the info for those not up to date yet: https://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/03/35-pbe-update-april-fools-skins-new.html
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