So... From the last two champ capsules...

I only managed 810 on the last two champ capsules. It feels so much harder to get BE than to get IP. Edited: 11/24/2017 level 36 So, update. I'm gonna take pictures of my champ shards and BE as I go and update on a fairly regular basis if I can... Leveled up to lvl 36. Only 900. Pictures will follow in comments below. Leveled up to lvl 37. Nunu Rammus Malphite Udyr. Nunu=90 Rammus, Malphite, Udyr=270 each. 900 again. I think I'm extremely unlucky. Lmao. Leveled up to 38. 900 again. Lmao. This is getting ridiculous Rito. XD As always pictures and explanations below.
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