So why are we basically handing Ahri the Star Guardian skin line despite Lux being the original?

Even without the lore they've given the SG skins (in which Ahri is now the leader, instead of it staying as Lux) It really bothers me how low quality SG Lux is compared to the other skins (particularly the recall), considering shes the OG. I realize that Ahri's is 1820, and Lux's is an older skin so it should be better but I feel like then there should be a price increase on SG Lux and it should be given an update or something. Jinx's was 1820 but it still left Lux as the leader. I'm tired of Ahri being the poster-child of League of Legends. She basically is shoving Lux aside and leading the group now. EDIT: okay, fine. Maybe not an update. But the fact of the matter remains, Ahri has taken the spotlight off of Lux.
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