My account is beyond broken at this point. The game is literally unplayable

Ever since patch 9.14 came out (40+ hours ago), my account hasn't been able to play games. At all, in any queue: SR/TT/ARAM/TFT, etc... (Except customs) ---- When I enter a lobby with friends after booting the client, I can't even see their nametags, but yet the slots are appearing as full: Whenever I'm in a lobby, friends can't invite me at all because it says "Patcher is disconnected": And once I create a lobby I cannot leave, the exit button is broken and this is what happens when I try to change queues: I can't even start solo queues because it says "players are not ready": Even when I do manage to create a lobby and invite my friends to make one of them hosts, they can't even start the game while i'm in there: Here is a GIF of what happens when I try to start a game: --- I have tried: * Rebooting Client * Rebooting Computer * Uninstalling/Reinstalling * Using Different Computers (Even swapping inbetween windows & mac) * Using the Hextech Repair Tool * Playing a custom game fully to see if it resets the account * Logging onto another account (See the next sentence) Surprisingly, this issue is only linked to my account because whenever I log onto another account the game works completely fine, even on the same computer. I can enter any queues, play any games, and lobbies work like normal. --- But for now on my main, the game is literally unplayable. I can't get into any queues, none of my friends can play with me, and I'm probably gonna decay out of diamond if this doesn't get fixed. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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