How is this acceptable?

Yesterday I queued up for a ranked match (promos, but that doesn't make a difference). I got to loading screen and once it hit 100%, my game crashed. Sucks, but shit happens. Probably my internet or PC, right? Nope. I was with a friend and crashed at the exact same time. He got back in before they remade, but I didn't. We live near each other, so I thought maybe it had something to do with that. So we try a second time. Same thing happens to me, but not him. So I check Riot Support. Turns out, they knew about people getting crashed and DCed, and they didn't bother to A: put a notification or B: disable ranked. Why the fuck would you allow people to play ranked when you know people are getting crashes and DCs because of your (Riot's) end, and not even make that information visible to everyone? (I had to check the support page, wasn't even on the service status page). Long story short, fix your shit and let people know there's a chance of getting fucked by your servers or whatever it is. I'm more annoyed at how they neglected to tell people than the fact I lost my promos because of that (I'll get back there anyway).
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