I'd like to be offended over someone dising Boards, but..

**Thinks back to Boards experiences:** * Insults * Insults * General saltiness * Baseless complaints * Insults * Illogical opinions * Baseless claims * Uninformed opinions * Biased demands * Popularity contest * Less-frequent insults I get it. People don't like being insulted by those in charge. People like it less when those in charge tell them that their efforts are a waste of time. But let's be real here. At some point in the distant past players of League of Legends stopped giving a damn when non-players insulted League of Legends because for the most part most insults are true and justified. Boards is not a perfect place. Boards can barely even be considered an *imperfect* place. Yeah, efforts by the volunteers have been made to at least *try* to make Boards better, but that doesn't free the place of any well-deserved criticism however harsh it may be. All of the criticism isn't even true, but it's there. It's not going anywhere until some large-scale QoL changes occur to give Boards the value people seem to believe it has. It's just really hard to defend the place when you can't think of any value that it serves aside from being the official forum.
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