How old are league players?

I started playing this game when I was 23. I'm 26 now. I still play it and don't see myself quitting altogether anytime soon. I have friends in this game who are like 14 years old who are same elo as me(plat 5) and I'm like wtf how are these kids as good or better than me lol... It makes me wonder actually, how old are the people who play this game? Am I like weird for playing this at my age? Do I need to settle down and get an oxygen machine? I know like a couple streamers around my age(hashinshin-28, iwilldominate-26, qtpie is like 24 or something...) and I have some friends close to my age irl who play this game. Anyway, I put a poll cuz im curious-- how old are you people? :)
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