Diversity in League of Legends Champions

How do you feel about diversity in the way League of Legends champions (and the Summoners who play them) are depicted? I've noticed that League's branched out a lot, and champions of a specific "ethicity" aren't restricted to a certain region in the LOL worldmap, and I love it. It's not just champions, but also the SUmmoners who play them. A lot of League's advertisements specifically target the professional Asian players in both Asian and non-Asian countries, and I'm super stoked about this, though I wish there were more professional female gamers and more female jungle champions and heavy tanks. Gaming is just one of those cool activities where it's really easy to make it accessible to anyone, regardless of anything, from gender to physical or other disabilities. Add in the fact that League is free to play, and I'm just really sold on this community. Love to hear everyone's thoughts.
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