Can you not make all the prestige skins available though prestige points?

Seriously it seems so weird that some skins are just not gonna be available and some others are. I dont care about any of the currently available prestige skins but I would love the lux skin because I love that champ and I would also like the kaisa skin. The skins are special because they take a lot of grind to get, and if I'm willing to put in the time then why not let me get that skin? Right now I can choose to pay to be able to put in the work to then get to choose from 5 skins? Would it not be better with more variety in the store? I like these events as they give me more of a reason to play and something to work towards but it feels kinda bad when there is an event, there is a skin that I want, but you just wont make it available. Prestige skins are allready rare and special, they dont need to also be limited in time. There are allready few prestige skins, its not like there is gonna be something for absolutely everyone but you choose to give even less incentive to want to pay and grind to get the points required. I missed the event because of exams and work so now there wont be any incentive to play an event until the random chance that you make another prestige skin for the exact champ that I want? you allready made one now I'm just asking for a chance to grind my way to it. It seems weird that these skins are supposed to be the ones you have to grind to get, but for some reason some of them reqire that you do it at a speciffic time. TLDR; I wanna pay, I wanna grind, but you will not make the skin I want available. Can you please reconsider this?
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