We need Elon Musk to buy Riot Games from Tencent

No, seriously. If a western multi-milioner were to grab a majority of Riot's stocks from Chinese corporation's cold dead hands, this would return it to it's western-centered roots (gameplay and politics wise) in the span of 3 patches. It's stupidly obvious that Riot targets Asian market as of late. It's really not that surprising, considering that it's owned by a company like Tencent which cares for Chinese audience much more than western one. That, and Chinese servers are far larger than every other server combined. I believe, and trust me when I say that I didn't pay a single moment of thought before making this post, so you know I'm the perfect person to state opinions like these, that if Riot would be owned by a western-centered personality, the game would be fixed (fixed, as in "return to catering towards it's original target audience") in a very short span of time.
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