[COMMUNITY DISCUSSION] Why Isn't Lissandra Super Meta Right Now?

{{champion:127}} - One of the least picked and banned champion in the game, Lissandra has been out of the meta for about the past two seasons. But my question is, why? It seems as though right now Lissandra can be classified as one of the most "DEAD" champions in the game besides maybe Ivern Or Karthus. Well it seems to me that Lissandras only hope right now would be one of three things. 1. A Buff ( which is un- neeeded in my own opinion ) 2. A Playstyle Change ( Maybe like how Ahri is on the PBE right now with a new pasive ) [But to me shes fine with this kit right now] 3. A Rework ( Which she does not need at all and probably wouldnt get one as shes a 6300 BE champion at this moment and would be father down on the list riot has right now) Like I mention ^^^^ Lissandra doesn't need any of those things to be super meta because she is perfectly fine and balanced the way she is now, or i guess if you think more about it, she could be an overpowered counter. Just try playing her, if you guys remember how Syndra was thought to be a garbage champion but near the end of season 6 we were proven wrong. Lissandra could be the next big thing if we all tried to play her! ------------------- Here are my reasons why I think Lissandra should be **SUPER META **right now: ----------- **1: A Good Counter:** - Currently our mid lane meta is consisted of heavy wave clearers and pushes such as {{champion:13}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:101}} These champions will just push and poke you under tower and make your day miserable. Right now the best **mid laner** in the LCS / most commonly seen is {{champion:13}} and they are using {{champion:69}} to match him. With Cassiopeia, its very hard to get her damage out if you suck at the game and can't kite at all. And Ryze just shoves every single wave under your tower and pokes you down whenever you are out of position. - Lissandra can do the exact same thing as {{champion:69}} but **BETTER** Lissandra can match Ryze's pushing power and never run out of resource because of her passive giving her a free spell, and with the manaflow band refunding mana right now (The full cost until it gets changed) Shes all set to stay in lane and safely push. She can also avoid any ganks because unlike Cassiopeia, she has an escape! And if you say its a slow escape... Well, try running the opposite way of your "E" because if they chase one of the two, you have two choices on where you want to go. Plus if an enemy is running towards you that has a Dash,Blink,etc. Just root them with your W and E on out, SUCH AN EASY ESCAPE! - And, she can actually match Ryze's roams better than cassiopeia because she has a gap closer that can go over almost every wall in the game! What a perfect way to follow up or roam yourself! Plus, if you have your Ultimate thats a free kill!. Even if the enemy you ult has a Cleanse or a Quick Silver Sash, **IT STILL DOES THE DAMAGE!** - Plus you will just be able to root them with your "W" and if you have an ally with you thats a free kill for you or them! Her ultimate is better than Cassiopeias and Malzahars because it slows every single enemy around it (Self Cast Or Not) and it applies the exact same damage to every enemy around the stunned person! **ITS AOE AND MAN DOES IT BURST!** Her ultimate is also better than Malzhars because she can get away with it. It does not stop her from using other abilities when she uses it on an enemy!. ------------------------------------------------ **SHE ALSO COUNTERS ASSASSINS!** -------------------------------- Playing Lissandra againest an assassin like {{champion:55}} or {{champion:238}} is** REALLY EASY**! - Whenever an assassin jumps in on Lissandra she has many options to get away. 1. She can root them with her W stopping them from following up (AKA Stopping Katarina from doing 50000 blinks or Akali from doing her 3 dashes) 2. She basically has a free Zhoynas Hour Glass with her self cast ultimate. (Take that Zed and Talon Ultimates) 3. She can just W then E away instead of turning. (**SIMPLE!**) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **2: A Poke Kit Early Game --> Burst Kit Late Game** Like I had mentioned before, not only can Lissandra push... She turns into a **DPS** Mage in the early game to a BURST **Mage** in the late game. - When you play as Lissandra its so easy to poke your enemy out of lane because of Arcane Comet or Summon Aery and because of her passive never letting her run out of mana (Espesically if you have ManaFlow Band) Her long ranged Q passive allows you to poke the minions and your Enemy Laner. Something Cassiopeia cant do! Plus with her cheap items her mana issues are non existent (But we will get to that in the Last Point) - Early game all you do as Lissandra is poke your enemy in your Lane until they are low enough that you know you can finally all in them! - Late game (Around 2 items like Rod of Ages and Zhoynas [Yes she gets HELLA good after two items]) She can just E to and Enemy, R-Q-W and they are usually dead because with her Ultimate she basically does an Annie Burst! But shes different from Annie in ways that she has escape potentials and she does **NOT**need her Ultimate to burst. > Legit, Ive killed enemy mid laners or ADC'S with just ROA and Zhoynas without an ultimate. PLUS GANKING WITH LISSANDRAS KIT IS A FREE KILL! Just call your jungler to come mid or roam bot and R! EASY GG'10 GGEZ! - But yea, Lissandra goes from being a low damage poke early game to a Burst Late Game that starts at 2 items! She actually one shots people! AND IT SO EASY TO FARM WITH. Even a bronze or a gold like me can get atleast 100 CS by 15 minutes. But If you really try I know you can get 200 cs by 20 minutes! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **3: Cheap and Effective Item Paths** Honestly, The best and the **FIRST** two items Lissandra should always get is: {{item:3027}} {{item:3157}} . Just with those two items it is a PAIN to kill Lissandra. Not only will she have a lot of health with ROA but she also gets like 4 seconds of **INVUNERABILITY** because of her ultimate and Zhoynas. Plus she gets to escape after with her W->E. When you go into a 1v5 before your team gets there you and realize you messed up just self cast your R on you and watch as you do 350-500 damage to everyone around you with just 2 items and then Zhoynas. - **THAT COULD BUY YOUR TEAM ENOUGH TIME TO GET TO YOU!** - Plus! Rod of Ages and Zhoynas are not even 2800 gold! They are so CHEAP and allow you to one shot! PLUS YOU NEVER DIE! Mixed in with protobelt (I don't like building that but many people do) or a Void Staff that both are less than 3000 gold you will have so much health or so much damage for cheap. Of course you might want a Ludens Echo or a Rabbadons DeathCap for more damage but... YOU ALWAYS SHOULD RUSH ROA THEN ZHOYNAS BEFORE THAT! THEY ARE SO EFFECTIVE! - Don't Believe Me? Go into a game and play Lissandra and rush those two items. ------------------------- Well if you made it this far this is why I believe Lissandra should be an S tier pick right now or even SUPER META, I ever believe she should be an LCS tier pick, because we have seem some tiny glimpes of her within the past 2 season. So if you have any other suggestions let me know! - Have a nice night! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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