Shen is not weak as of right now.

Shen has always been a problem for Riot to balance and the rework might seem like a failure but to be completely honest. It is just balanced. People call it clunky but to be fair you position your Qs to enable the abuse of percent health trading. The best way to use his Q is to go the rune approach velocity and just run in a triangle around their character model for maximum zoning and to only use W on any empowered autos to maximize blocking. Another good tip to playing shen is to always try and be behind the enemy before fights and to be the first one to initiate after a slow or some other form of soft cc because that enables a secured taunt or they burn flash and thats a worth in my book too. Another great tip for any shen mains is to not auto right after you hit your E and empowered Q combo just walk behind them for a second or two and then auto so you can empower Q again. His kit in my opinion shines the most in bot. You counter champs like blitz and lenoa and braum and many other oppressive supports. Your W may seem weak but when used right it makes you become a win trading god. Just go aftershock slam into the adc at lvl 1 and auto for a good bit with a potion pop and you will see the efficiency of his kit. Shen is a team based champion. Without teammates your combos are weaker than you would like them to be and it is kind of obvious why. His whole kit like his ult and w and E are not for you to get the kills but to help teammates who are struggling in lane to win. Many times I have ulted top after he ran into brush and we could turn around the fight off the enemy top and enemy jungler gank and get a gold plate. Use your (W)isely lol. I made a pun. Seriously though try and press W when you or someone else is about to get auto deleted in a fight. There is a reason your passive procs after the W starts on cooldown. I love whoever made the shen rework. Once you start to master shens mobility and combos he can become an unstoppable force to reckon with. He may take a lot more practice but trust me your kit is meant for turning around games. His kit is the pinnacle of what League should be. Helping out teammates to win games or win trades. He isnt a jax or a Camille and im honestly proud of Riot for reworking his kit. It is the few things I appreciate Riot for doing. They made his kit have more thought going into it. You cant just sit there and heal spam with q. It makes you try to pressure under tower for winning trades of hp and it forces you to learn the complexity of positioning an ability that is very good for sticking to an enemy and peeling them for a kill. Shen has one of the highest assists percentages for a reason. Its why he is banned in pro play. He is what makes me still play lol. Riot please make more champions like shen. He has simplicity at low ranks and increasing complexity as you lvl up. He has a self balanced kit. If you go Q first you are not going to be able to get more energy off of Q autos but at lvl2 that all changes and it prevent a good shen player from spamming Q on top of an enemy for constant peeling and slows. The more you play Shen the better your teamfighting and decision making and map awareness will become. I recommend him for all low elo and new players. Shen teaches you the right way to play league of legends. Also I love how his whole lore is centered around balance and if you look at his stats for games it definitely shows that he is balanced.
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