Why is this not a reportable offense?

So I get into a draft lobby and I'm awarded top which is my main. I hover Darius right off the bat because I'm a Darius main. The jungler asks for top. I don't give it because I want to play top. We get to banning champs. Take note I hovered Darius before the ban phase ever began so as to tell people hey I want to play this don't ban it. Since he didn't get his way, he waited until I banned a champ and then proceeded to ban Darius away from me in the hopes I would give up top since I couldn't play him anymore. Then after I confronted him on it, he proceeded to take the high road acting as if it was all a mistake and the 30 seconds we were in lobby he didn't once look to see that I hovered Darius since we entered the lobby (got him on a favorite so I see him at the very top...no need to search). I want to know why this is not a reportable offense. Had I been trying something like Sejuani top or something super off meta....ya ok maybe I can understand because people don't want to waste a game. But baning a champion just to spite someone who won't give you a role that you want but didn't get? Come on. That has to be reportable. Somewhere that has to be reportable. That's basically griefing and having a negative attitude. It's a well if I don't get my way, you won't get your way either attitude. Seriously. Why is this not reportable yet? P.S. Downvoting isn't helpful. I really want to know why this can't be a reportable offense and I think this should be discussed amongst the community. I can't be the only one to have been subjugated to crap like this.
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