What you guys secretly care more than Nightblue's shitty excuse of an attitude.

Afking at base after your game has been trolled to oblivion with your enemies in front of your inhib in 10 mins? That isn't good but you have my sympathy. Taking people hostage because you got filled and cannot jungle? Assuming you are special so you can evade bans is ludicrous. BUT. There is one single thing I hate about Nightblue. And you guessed it.** It is about my Youtube feed spammed by his low-quality clickbait videos on my recommended list with big yellow letters and capital titles.** Like seriously why does Riot endorse this as "creative"? I had enough and this is a good opportunity to kick him in line. Remember back like 2 season ago where everybody got spammed to hell by the goddamn algorithm so you get Brofresco, Redmercy, Nightblue on your feed and made tons of posts asking directly how to get them off? Everytime that thing pops up in the right corner of my screen it induces me a ember of anger. Me being recommended with something of the lowest of low of gaming content. This is getting nearly a daily personal vendetta to put him on my ignore list every time and try to blot him out of my life.
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