Is there anyone who can help this player move into Ranked play?

Hello, I began playing League way back. I first got interested when I observed a friend of mine playing DoTa with some people he knew. I tried to play with them and I seemed to do well, but when this group moved to LoL their attitudes were a little much for me. I played Top, Bottom, and then eventually Mid. All the time trying to make people I barely knew happy with me. So I wasn't really learning a lot. I then met some other people and they actually worked with me to help me get better. They didn't call me a noob without explaining what I was doing wrong and how to train to not do that. This community is the most toxic in existence and yet I find people complaining about playing with noobs and I laugh because that complainer was a noob at one time. Who taught them? Who helped them? I, a noob, at least try to help those I can. I play ARAM mostly because of the randomness of champs, which forces me sometimes to learn new mechanics and leave my safety net, and because contrary to toxic opinion, it's not easy jumping into a team fight at the right time to swing it to a win for your team. Or to initiate said fight and get a kill or two for your ADC. I realize that whomever decides to help me will have the right to criticize me, and I need you to so that I can improve. I also need you to explain why mistakes are mistakes. And I want to do this because I've always wanted to see how well I could push myself, how far could I go.
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