Getting a kitten was the best decision of my life so far

Just writing this because I want to talk about this adorable little goofball that a stranger dropped on my doorstep one day. He's about a month old by the looks of it. I never actually owned a pet before. I mean sure I've stayed in places where someone else happens to own a pet, but I've never actually been the sole person responsible for tending to one of the little guys. I feed him, clean him, make sure he's drinking his water, and I'm practically on permanent watch to make sure he's not inventing new and creative ways of injuring/killing himself. His favorite method seems to be wire chewing so far. I've always liked cats, but this is kind of a totally different experience for me. I've usually been the type to get up, play some games, go to work, and go back to bed. With some eating in between all this, obviously. But now that I have this little guy, it makes me feel like my life has some greater purpose. Like every morning when I go to assess the damage he caused in my sleep, I think to myself "Wow, if not for me, he would either be dead or miserable" and, I dunno, it keeps me going. He likes to cuddle up to me and purr on my chest til he falls asleep. It makes me feel like he sees me as his parent. I don't know if that's true or not, but it warms my heart either way. Feeling truly needed is one of the best feelings I've ever felt. That is all. EDIT: WOW this blew up more than I thought. All right a picture of the kitten will be posted soon. Within the next hour or so. Here he is!

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