Something about the new skins (Positive feedback)

Howdy guys. Well the new skins come out and want to mention that I don't like the star guardian universe I'm not a fan of anime based skins even though I really like the design of those skin (referring at the use of colours and effects) they are really well thought skins, higher quality for 1350 RP. Although I notice some dislike of the community of the new skins, more likely of how they are not the same idea of a star guardian, you know more sparkles or warm colours like the other, this ones are more cool colours and darker version of other skins, which I just want to say **They are good** I was expecting another boring group of SG skins with another animation and merch, but they have now a villain, and don't get me wrong if something I would dislike is the champion select and I share a dislike of new addition to group of skins. For instance, I did not liked the new arcade skins, they just grab Yasuo and put it in the universe, but the new skins work and maybe they are corrupted (another corrupted group BTW) if something I noticed is the skin designer are trying to think outside the box with the themes more example. And I just notice, is a pattern that most skins have a corrupted character now days, "interesting" {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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