So I have been toxic before, but this game was bull shit on why I get a 2 week suspension. I get a draven who is flamming me all game and I mute him and here is the chat: sirhc4444: use ur abilities sirhc4444: gg guys sirhc4444: how sirhc4444: wtf am i supposed to do there sirhc4444: i flay udyr sirhc4444: yeah ur muted kid sirhc4444: repoort drav plezz thx :) sirhc4444: int and verbal sirhc4444: see he is toxic sirhc4444: homie did u see my health sirhc4444: lol he still tlking? sirhc4444: no homie he shit tlk all game he is a god he can 1v2 sirhc4444: you were saying i was trolling sirhc4444: cuz there was nothing i can do sirhc4444: :D sirhc4444: facts??? sirhc4444: how sirhc4444: keep typing homie sirhc4444: ur doing great sirhc4444: enjoy your report :D sirhc4444: :D sirhc4444: yeahhhh sirhc4444: "and now you're inting" draven sirhc4444: throws lantern drav stands still and says im int sirhc4444: ikr he wont stfu :D sirhc4444: youve been tilted homie sirhc4444: me? jax wtf i do sirhc4444: ty sirhc4444: drav ur int and toxic af sirhc4444: keep tlking bud :D sirhc4444: gg report drav He probs wont even get in trouble which is why I am posting this. FUCK RIOT...Straight up the worst company ever and I can't wait to see this company fall due to problems like this. People flame get used to it riot. I didnt even flame here and I get the 2 week suspension. Garbage company with way too high standards.
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