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I have been Playing 3v3 rank as of lately, and I have been seeing Higher rank Players then me, Which is a unbalance Ranking System. 3 days straight of dealing with Plats, I'm only s2 In 5v5 Solo Queue, and People are being placed under Gold IV to Bronze 1, If you're a higher rank in your 5v5 Solo Queue, You shouldn't place lower in the ranking, It creates unbalance MMR for Players who are trying to Rank up and go against who is a higher rank then you're. I just get tired of seeing this, I took a long break from 5v5 Solo Q to focus on 3v3 rank to get the Chroma Skin for the end reward. It's just impossible to win unless you have a high-rank player on the team to balance out the game for both teams. Riot Games, you need to start doing some Nerfs and Buffs to The 3v3 Map, It is so neglected from being a balanced map for all players. But Seriously this Map needs more Balancing in it.
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