How do I play with 4 bad teammates?

I just had a Rumble game Jungler comes top lane and feeds 3 kills to riven. Mid lane is 0/5 against Kassadin I was 6/0 against Riven and I agreed to switch with Akali Destroyed Kassadin Bot lane was feeding caitlyn was lagging I gank bot lane 2 times and I got 4 kills I stacked Mejais to 20, 3 times I was literally 1v9 I hate League of Legends because of the playerbase. It's a good game and every rune and champions are balanced. The current rune system is so balanced because you can literally choose runes specifically for the champions you are playing. Why do I have to be matched with %%%%%%s? It's the %%%%%%s I get paired with every game that ruins my experience, not toxic players. I mean I love toxic players. Why? I love seeing their level 30 accounts banned. Especially when Riot Games has that instant feedback report notice. See that notice gives me hype. Riot Games has an answer to toxicity. What is the answer to shitty players? I think you feeding in a game should be a direct correlation to your skill. Even pro players don't die a lot. **Here's a couple of characteristics that should matter in MMR:** **How many kills to deaths you have.** (A challenger smurf will get 60/0 every game.) Your CS per minute. **If your CS per minute is perfect, you should be boosted up some ranks. **(Not a lot of low elo players have 300 cs in 30 minutes, 400 cs in 40 minutes and so on. Also that way people stop going for kills.) **How many wards you placed and the position of ward placement.** (Should require some extra bit of code to detect each ward placements) **After every game you can have a notice giving players where they have excelled at** Example: "YOU DID GREAT ON YOUR CS'ING THIS GAME!" "WOW YOUR K/D IS BETTER THAN THE TOP PLAYERS IN YOUR CURRENT LEAGUE!" That is how you can give players more rewards. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A PHYSICAL REWARD! IT CAN BE A EMOTIONAL ONE. Boosting people's EGO is the best reward you can give to people. Why do you think people have friends? Friends are the ultimate ego booster. Most friends are there because they have something to offer and wide open ears. Most of the time you are friends with someone because they give you something that you don't have or can't get.
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