How did we not get dark star Malzahar

Honestly with the announcement of new dark star skins, I was honestly foaming(I’m always a slut for stars) and while the jhin and karma skins are hella great(shaco one is eh imo) I was deeply disappointed by the lack of a dark star for a champion that seems perfect for the theme: Everyone’s favorite R machine, Malzahar. Like can you think of a more fitting champion? I know he’s all ready got a pseudo-star effect from the void, but the void isn’t space, really. Passive- more starry particle effects and cool multicolored hues. You could really go nuts with it, since it’s intended to be visible anyway. Q- two supernova shooting towards each other in the same starry, multicolored flash on his passive, make that silence one of awe. W - voidlings that are mini stars, like white dwarfs with spectral legs, or heck, don’t even bother with legs, they can be adorable little balls of plasma with mean faces, easy merch sale you’re welcome. E - It would finally, FINALLY, be *actual* “space aids” and all would be right with the world, at last. R - Drop a black hole on that master yi who thinks he’s LCK cuz he pressed R and right clicked. Tell me that wouldn’t be the sickest thing in the game. Anyway Riot please take this suggestion and make the running man into an actual space boi because we all deserve it, thank you
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