Thoughts on NB3 and Nubrac (as if nobody else is talking about them)

Nubrac: * Goes support teemo and just roams around, taking xp from mid and leaving bot lane to rot * Goes 0/2 (not inting at least) * Is really off meta, and without even a warning about his tactic. This leads me to believe this is a troll move. * Is suspended for two weeks at the snap of NB3's fingers. NightBlue3: * Throws a tantrum and flames Nubrac * Goes afk at base with his friends * Continuously acts like he's a step above the Greek gods, constantly shaming Nubrac and anyone who disagrees with him on a stream that Riot endorses. * Gets suspended after about a week long seige by thousands of players who are sickened by the blatant corruption and bias that Riot has shown. Thoughts: * Nubrac deserved a punishment. You can't go that far away from the meta without at least telling your team beforehand. Even then, roaming teemo support is the kind of idea a drunken player would think could work. * Nubrac got punished very promptly. NB3 threw a fit, and, being a riot supported streamer, gas them on speed dial. There is no way to deny this. * It took NB3 like five days to take a punishment. Five days for behavior that is ten times what I did when I got punished way back when, which took less than a day to register. And the sad thing is mine wasn't bad enough to warrant suspension, I just got a restriction for bad language. With this in mind, Riot obviously plays favorites. The reason NB3 went so long before he got hit was because Riot didn't want to do anything. Two questions are now in the air. 1. Is punishing NB3 a method of damage control, instead of actually believing he did wrong? 2. If the answer is no, then what the hell took so long?
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