Honor system affecting season reward

When these changes first came out, I thought it was something good and positive, but it ended up being **REALLY BAD.** **1st:** the balance in ranked is terrible, which causes people to end up with really bad players. **2nd:** the "report" and "penalty" system is broken, it's way too easy to be a huge troll and bypass that without getting any penalty what so ever. Since they can run around the map doing nothing, they can steal CS, etc etc. If you say any bad words, even if they are not towards anyone, example: you died and you say "shit I died", someone can be an asshole, report you for that, and you will get fucked up over it. Happened to many people before, me included. **3rd:** It's unfair to ONLY get season rewards having honor level 2, because we work our ass off, ranking up, tolerating all kinds of toxic/troll players, to get nothing in the end. Because you need to carry HARD to recieve honors from people, and even so, most of the time you don't even get those! Depending on people's honor is RIDICULOUS to get season reward, when YOU worked hard for it, most of the time by yourself. **4th:** Honor system DOES NOT make the community less toxic/troll. Maybe even the opposite of that, because I'm pretty sure those people piss you off HARD to make you rage eventually just to report you after and pretend they did nothing. (Muting in game doesnt help much since they can steal CS and troll your lane). Plus we are all human beings as far as I know, everyone have a limit. When you play ranked every day, and you get a toxic/troll play in 9 out of 10 games (yes, it's that often unfortunately), it's near impossible to not rage eventually. **--** Honors should be only for a BONUS reward. Like Icons, wards and such. NOT for ranked rewards. **--** It took me MONTHS to get to honor level 2, because it's that hard to get it, and then I got chat restriction because of a troll in my game that I lost pacience after 20 games getting trolls/toxic/afk players, and that happened 2 (TWO!!!!) days before the season reward... How am I supposed to unlock honor + get honor back up to level 2 in 2 days!? IMPOSSIBLE. **--** If you want the community to be less toxic/troll. MAKE A BETTER SYSTEM FOR IT. I want honor back to how it was, just as a bonus. I WASTED this whole year, ranking up, and doing MY BEST to not get banned/chat restriction, for someone to troll me so hard, that telling him to "please don't play ranked when you are 12 years old", and get chat restriction and lose my reward over it! (Yes, he was actually 12 year old, playing worse than a bot, in a ranked silver flex game, saying "this is my first time in ranked, I dont know how to play ashe). **--** I'm sick of reporting players for being trolls/toxic/afk and nothing happens to them (we do know when it happens, coz they give you an alert for it). Also, how do we report someone for stealing CS and stuff!?? Please make a better system! PS: Even getting key frags is a pain due to this honor system... I have a bunch of chests stacked up, and no keys what so ever! _**I saw ALOT of people complaining and even quitting game over this already, on discord/game. And I hope I get my Orianna Victorious, because losing that reward over this failed system, is ridiculous!!!**_ **COMPLEMENT FROM deathgod5 POST** Example: player 1: > plays games at the start of the season > gets 2 chat restricts and a 14-day ban > is nice for the whole rest of the season. > gets honor level 2 > gets rewards player 2: > plays the game through the entire season and is nice > gets a chat restrict in the last part of the season. > gets no rewards. I am not saying that people do or don't deserve the rewards, I am saying that getting punished later in the season shouldn't be a bigger punishment because they broke the rules later. They both broke the rules, yet one gets to be punished for it.
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