I like how everyone except ADCs says that riot favors ADCs

With the odd jungle complainer here and there, usually top laners No other class of champions has remained mandatory during a time where they were called useless ("ADC in 2017 LUL"). The one time they had to learn a different class of champions, they caused such a shit storm that things went right back where they were before • Top laners have to know how to play bruisers, mages, tanks, and fighters • Mid laners have to know how to play tanks, assassins, and mages • Junglers have to know how to play assassins, tanks, fighters, and the occasional mage • Supports have to know how to play enchanters, tanks, and mages • Bot laners have to know how to play... Marksmen.. A single class.. As soon as they had to diversify a bit, they threw a massive collective fit. 3 out of the top 5 bot laners were ADCs following the crit changes. 6 out of the top 10 bot laners were ADCs. I will never forget those 2 numbers. It was Swain > MF > Vlad > Jhin > Lucian (edit) I'm not reading your essays lmao you're not worth my time
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