Team surrendering just to spite me?

Have you ever had a game when your entire team surrenders RIGHT BEFORE YOU WIN just to piss you off? In my last game I played Yasuo and I admit it I didn't do well most of the game. There was a point where I was 0/6 and 2-3 levels behind enemy Renekton. But my team literally IGNORED me (almost) the entire game. Lee Sin ganked one time very early but that was the only help I got that whole game. There were times when Renekton was literally in our base destroying our inhibitor and our Thresh literally just walked right past him and went straight mid. But that's not really the point of this thread. My entire team was pissed at me, but our Lee Sin especially hated me that game. There was a point where my wifi died for like 10 seconds or so, and when I finally came back he said "damn I though you left" or something along those lines. Anyways, after he said that I just ignored him and kept on farming. Eventually our inhib came back, we got baron and our team was pushing mid. Unfortunately the enemy also took our inhib again so I was at base defending. Teamfight breaks out mid and I teleport to a ward in enemy jungle to help. I'm able to ult the Renekton and my team is able to focus him down. We keep pushing and take their mid inhib and nexus towers, and RIGHT BEFORE we win my team surrenders and I swear they did it just to spite me. I reported the sh*t out of that Lee after that game. I've had some bad games in the past, but for some reason this one REALLY pissed me off (more than usual). I was having a really hard time not becoming tilted that game, and after having a game as sh*tty as that we deserved to win after making a good play like that at the end.
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