Riot, there's only one way I can see you starting to get yourself out of this mess.

EDIT 2: DZK has been removed from Riot employment. I feel we still deserve an apology for letting DZK go as long as he did, since you aren't going to do much beyond that. EDIT: It's gotten even worse. Here's another thread for additional visibility on what Daniel Klein has been doing. It's pretty simple. 1. **Objective completed.** ~~Fire Daniel Z Klein. His bigoted stance and blatant hatred for the community was worse than Riot Sanjuro's talk about Tyler1. Backing him was like declaring "We are proud to be sexist." It's not a good look.~~ [Link 1]( - [Link 2]( - [Link 3]( 2. Admit that what you did was not only sexist, but standing by your previous decision was a grave mistake by marginalizing the majority of your player base. [Link 1]( - [Link 2]( 3. **Objective failed.** ~~Host a special panel within the next 16 days that doesn't exclude anyone. You provide travel and lodging for anyone interested that can show proof of purchase for a PAX ticket.~~ Yes, I realize that part 3 will be at a pretty hefty cost to you. But would you rather pay that up front or lose so much more over the coming months as players not only quit but use this event as a precedent for painting your company as bigoted, unprofessional and pandering?
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