“Why doesn’t Cartoon Network care about the potential adult audience?”

2015 Teen Titans Go is in its second season. People are complaining that the show is cheap animation with humor to keep the attention of kids with ADHD. It’s a disservice to the original show that adults don’t want to watch. Yet it’s dominating the run time with reruns. Episode 50 of season two comes out. The Return of Slade. The characters defeat Slade off screen and brag about how cool the fight was. BB and Cyborg want a clown to celebrate because as kids they found clowns cool. They don’t like the clown because it doesn’t appeal to them anymore. So they mutate it into a monster and things get out of control. The clown is defeated and Raven tells them that they need to grow up and find things in their demographic. That they shouldn’t try to change things not made for them. Not only does this message completely miss the point and is essentially a strawman. It’s an insult to the adult audience they’ve been alienating. This cane out three years ago. Three years ago Cartoon Network admitted they don’t want adults watching their cartoons. Not sure why anyone is surprised the new thunder cats is essential TTG 2.
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