Giving up on League - Matched with TRASH TOO OFTEN.

Just venting.... Tired of STOMPING THE HELL out of enemy mid laner... Only to have ALL LANES FEED NONSTOP and have OUR JUNGLER camp the WORST MOST LOSING LANE possible ALL GAME and totally ignore winning lanes.... Look at my history and ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE GAMES if u want to comment on my skill. I'm in Silver and am so fucking tired of having to HARD CARRY EVERY SINGLE GAME and STILL NOT BE ABLE TO WIN no matter if I go 8/1/12 or not...... When your team goes 0/6 in the first 4 minutes of the damn game.... HOW AM I GETTING MATCHED WITH THESE PLAYERS? LOOK AT MY LONG TERM K/DA. I bet I have a BETTER and HIGHER K/DA than most LCS players. LEGIT. nearly 90%+ My games I have the LOWEST Deaths of ANYONE and usually near the HIGHEST CS/Kill participation. I am HATING this game. When I go play hockey with my buddies, we don't have people who can't even skate on our team.... Our GOALIE does NOT PLAY AT CENTER ICE. This is the type of insanity and stupidity that goes on in League Games...... You see people doing absolute NONSENSE without any rationality or understanding of the game. HOW, HOW HOW HOW HOW.... DO WE GET MATCHED WITH THAT TRASH IN SILVER???? I have talked to Diamond/Plat players who tell me how garbage/hard it is even for them to carry in Silver/Gold ELO...... WHY IS THERE NOT MORE DIVISIONS? CLEARLY IT IS NEEDED as the games are NOT EVEN CLOSE to balanced and you clearly NEED MORE LOW ELO RANKS to MAKE THE GAMES EVEN.... WIth all the SMURFS and TROLLS running around, SOME OF US are matched with MORE than our fair share of trolls/afk/feeders and SOME OF US/YOU are lucky enough to be matched with MORE than your fair share of smurfs/players to carry you...... I'd like to see a RANKED / ELO Rating system based MORE ON YOUR PERSONAL SKILL/SCORE and LESS on what your NOOB team mates do, or the outcome of your FEEDER/TROLL game. Maybe we might get some balanced matches then and a FAIR RANKING SYSTEM.
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