Delete 5 Champions Thread

Here, in this thread, you get to pick and delete 5 champions from the League Roster. Who ya choosing and why? Pick 1: {{champion:13}} This busted piece of crap that is always busted should have been deleted 7 years ago. The insanity of gating a champion by making it use mana but then allowing that champion to SCALE on the stat that is supposed to be gating it is just silly. Add in some point and click cc, wave clear and aoe burst damage, lets tack on some free shields cuz why not and then throw in some team utility to boot just for funsies. Yeah, this guy will always be number one on my list of champions to delete. Pick 2: {{champion:8}} Pretty similar circumstance to Ryze. Busted health vamping champ gated by its HP pool but that somehow also SCALES on its hp pool? Unkillable drain tank status, massive aoe damage out put, decent waveclear, an untargetable ability in ADDITION to draintanking, and, oh yeah, the infinite sustain leading to more draintanking. Delete worthy status confirmed. Pick 3: {{champion:268}} This guy just has waaaayyyyyyy too much in his kit to be allowed to exist. Even nerfed to oblivion this champion has proven a staple in competitive play because of the sheer amount of unique capabilities his kit offers because its sooooooo overloaded. Strong early, strong late, safe wave clear, zone control, terrain creation, tower creation, mobility that can wall hop, it's just all too much. The only reason to not pick him is because you only have 1 hand with 2 fingers total and Azir kinda requires both hands to be played right. Totally worth deleting. Pick 4: {{champion:150}} The cancer of top lane, that, just by existing, negates 95% of the other options that could be played top. Transformer champs in general are busted since they tend to get the best of both worlds and have the strengths of both melee and ranged champs but the weaknesses of neither. No resources to really "manage" unless one actually counts "managing" your transform potential as "managing" when its pretty much always up the second you need it due to the nature of split pushing as a concept. Bully in lane, bully post lane, no truly negative matchups, flexible build paths, and a consistent power house that has completely warped the role since his introduction to the game. Delete. Pick 5: {{champion:17}} Should require no explanation. Satan is bad, mmm kay? And any game with a tiny furry Satan that comes off as "cute" is just doomed. DOOMED I SAY! Delete Satan please. Ok, jokes aside there is actually nothing healthy this champ can bring to the overall game state as his entire kit is a gimmick and its super unfun to play against regardless of WHICH exact silly gimmick build the Satan player decides to go. That's my 5, final answer. I'm deleting these fucks from the Rift so I never have to see them again. What about you folks?
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