On Riot’s website “Defend human rights around the world from online privacy to gender equality”

Social Impact
On the 27th of May, members of Riot Games Dublin and the CoderDojo Foundation team worked together for an epic 24 hours at the Riot offices in Dublin. During this 24 hours the aim was for Rioters to share their expertise and work with a CoderDojo Foundation team member to push forward a specific projects that the CoderDojo Foundation team were working on.
https://twitter.com/lolesports/status/1182711322791698432?s=20 “At Riot we support LGBTQ+ rights by putting rainbows flags and pins all over the stream but we ALSO support authoritarian dictatorships by avoiding talking about issues involving human rights in Hong Kong.” RioTencent doesn’t care about social impact, they only care about money. They will shoehorn in social impact only makes them money. Next time RioTencent or another company shows support for any ‘popular’ social issues, remember that they’re not doing this to make a difference, they’re doing this to make money, whether or not a difference is made does not matter. It’s cynical I know but I’m surprised a lot of people think RioTencent actually cares about social issues.
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