Does anyone else feel like the game is less rewarding than it was?

With Riot making the game more and more team-oriented and at this point pretty much killing the whole 1v5 if you're fed enough playstyle, I find myself suffering more and more while climbing because 99% of the time it's all up to RNG and who happens to coincidentally pick a good team comp. Add the fact that there's so much damage in the game and ADCs are now super safe, even when you strain every fiber in your body to finally slit that 10/0 Vayne's miserable throat way up in the backline, you'll turn around to find a 0/2 Yasuo who farmed his cores suddenly 2v4'ing with a barely fed Jungle and you get mowed down with everything in your arsenal burned cause there's nothing you can do against 3 Shields and a Stopwatch. You can play super well in lane and go something along the lines of 8/0/2 from roams, Scuttle skirmishes and plain solo kills in lane and take first tower, then you realize when teamfights unless the majority of your team is vastly superior in power to the enemy's you're not winning against that immortal Mundo or that AP Malphite who just needs to press R to win. I'm honestly just very sick of losing due to the fact you can't carry super hard in this game anymore, cause the skill gap to reward ratio is so off in this current season that it doesn't matter if you end lane phase with 9/0 or 0/9, as long as your team won't let you win, you won't get any LP at all.
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