Bard rework!

{{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} .Bard. .Brad. .Brady. .Drab. .Bard. What a silly fun champ. Here's what i would like: I want Bard to be a Midlaner that roams a lot. Right now Bard has a good winrate as a support. He is in a fine spot. I just think this will make him more versatile. He is sitting at 73rd in overall winrate which is right in the middle. He is right in the middle in play rate stats too. All that would be needed to make this awesome champ more awesome is soft switching his W and his passive. Bard and his Meeps remind me of Olimar and his Pikman. Bard should be able to pick when he throws them. W would has a 6/5.3/4.6/3.9/3.2 second cooldown Bard Throws a Meep at the nearest enemy. It is an auto attack reset. It would do the same amount of damage as before. Bard pressing W would throw a meep dealing 40 (+ 15 per 5 chimes collected) (+ 30% AP) bonus magic damage. At 5 chimes, Meeps slow damaged enemies by 25 - 75 (based on Chimes)% for 1 second, and at 15 chimes deal splash damage to enemies within 150 units of his target as well as those in a cone behind them, with the cone's size increasing at 35 chimes. Meeps spawn every 10 /8 / 6 / 4 / 2 seconds. Bards ANCIENT CHIMES passive would stay the same. Maybe a slight number change. Bard's Caretaker's Shrine would also spawn in random spots. Mostly around Bard. They would have the same affects on allies. They would be similar to Zyra seeds. What does the community think? I think this would make Bard more versatile. He could still support. He could also Mid and roam a lot, or even be almost good in the jungle!
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