@Riot, I always wanted to know. Why is the snowdown pass 1450RP?

1450 RP. Why not 1350? Why are you making it such an annoying number? You can't just buy it with 10 dollars. You need to buy it with a 10 dollar purchase, then a 5 dollar purchase. But when you do, that's giving you 2,030RP, leaving you with 580RP left over. This is an incredibly annoying thing, and it's absolutely annoying to me. I have to burn 15 dollars to buy something that I'm not even going to spend the full 15 on. I hate that so much. It's like going to the store and the cashier tells you that you can't buy this 5 dollar item unless you specifically spend a 10 dollar bill. Not 10 dollars total, an actual bill. It feels like a pretty cheap way to gain more money.
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