Riot is actually part of Doritos and here is a few reasons why.

An example of this has been posted before so here is said post: I have gathered further evidence tho. Riot and Doritos both use chromas. If you think of the colors often used for chromas and the chromas of these chips you will understand. Riot uses a RNG system for their crates / mystery crates and so does Doritos as seen here: Doritos often sponsors games and if you think of Rito as being a "smull indie company" then it all makes sense. Rito is using their resources to influence other games and its that simple. You can even see it in the gameplay: If this hasnt convinced you just think of the flavors. Each flavor is a new champion and Doritos even does community events where people can submit flavors. JUST THINK ABOUT IT! Didn't rito ask for emotes to be sent there way? ~~~~ **EDIT: Confirmation that ZAC is actually sponsored by mountain dew is below.** As well all know regular green zac = green mountain dew. Both are the **Classic** version of their brand / skin. These are some zac chromas. Here is the pink mountain dew The yellow chroma for Zac also found in mountain dew: Orange chroma for zac ALSO found in mountain dew: **Edit #2 Mountain Dew and Le Blanc are related** Look carefully at the name of the center mountain dew Now read the name of the le blanc W
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